Xetma Vollenweider at ITMA ASIA 2014

Detail of the multifunctional X-TREME XEB (machine c) 2014 Xetma Volllenweider
Detail of the multifunctional X-TREME XEB (machine c) 2014 Xetma Volllenweider

Since more than 160 years Xetma Vollenweider as a company with long-standing traditions is developing and manufacturing finishing systems for textiles with German quality and Swiss precision. At the ITMA ASIA 2014 (Hall E06, Booth D08) a newly developed warp thread cutting machine will be presented for the first time.
Equipped with two opposite and synchronized chains with special designed knives, the threads of embroidery and warp floats of woven or knitted fabrics are cut reliably. A modern drive system as well as a state-of-art fabric tension control system allows an optimal fabric run and lower operating costs. Furthermore the menu-guided colour touch screen is easy to operate and can be handled by any user within shortest time.

As a special service Xetma Vollenweider offers to all interested parties to test with their own products the different finishing technologies in the company’s show room located in Aue/Germany.

The wide and innovative technology portfolio of Xetma Vollenweider includes the product lines:
• Soft Touch (Brushing & Emerizing)
• Plush Touch (Raising)
• Even Touch (Shearing)
• Level Touch (Carpet Shearing, Cleaning & Finishing)
• Clean Touch (Cloth Cleaning)
• Special solutions for different kinds of applications

Accelerated Brushing and Emerizing, Unique effects
The multifunctional X-TREME XEB combines 3 technologies (brushing, emerizing, combined emerizing & brushing) in only one machine system and therefore offers the highest flexibility to changing demands of customers and markets. The innovative lightweight construction of the brushing rollers, as well as the installation of a new and powerful drive system allow revolutionary production speeds and at the same time a more intensive treatment of the fabric surface. These aspects are corresponding to the increasing expectations of customers who are looking for unique effects and the highest possible flexibility.
Expertise in Raising and Shearing
Ever since the invention of the world’s first raising machine in 1853 by Ernst Gessner, the German founder of the company, Xetma Vollenweider has stood for extraordinary and innovative solutions in the field of raising. Single drum raising machines are customized equipped with 24, 30 or 36 working rollers and are usable for both open width and circular knitwear as well as for woven fabrics. An intelligent fabric guidance system and the integrated powerful drive system allow a smooth run of the fabric while minimizing the energy consumption.
In the field of shearing Xetma Vollenweider is still a synonym for highest quality, reliability and longevity. This applies to all kinds of textiles – no matter whether low, medium or high pile – even under the greatest strains. The variable combination of the shearing, polishing or tigering technologies offers individual tailor-made solutions for each case of application.
Xetma Vollenweider Brand in the Carpet Sector
According to the customers’ requests and the constant demand for quality-enhacing surface effects on carpets Xetma Vollenweider offers different kinds of carpet finishing solutions for all kinds of textile floor coverings. With a nominal width of up to 6.0 m the carpet shearing machine X-PLORE XCS guarantees best shearing results for all kinds of woven and tufted carpets, needle felts and artificial turf. The extremely precise Heavy Duty Shearing Units are equipped with a hydraulic pressure and lift-up system as well as an integrated dust extraction.
With the aim to expand the market shares – after a very successful relaunch of the X-PLORE XCS carpet shearing systems – Xetma Vollenweider developed the world’s first carpet pile cleaning machine X-TRACT XCP, which reliably removes loose fibre materials and lint from the pile of acrylic, viscose or woollen carpets. This guarantees clean carpets – ready for sale!
Furthermore the special machine X-CEED XG gives the surface of carpet velour’s made of acrylic, viscose or other synthetic fibres an unique shine. Depending on the material to be processed, the temperature as well as the wrap of the steam heated glazing cylinder can be easily adjusted.
Cutting of Warp Threads
Effective from beginning of 2014 Xetma Vollenweider took over the product range of the company Hämmerle, an Austrian manufacturer of float cutting machines and is now offering the whole range of warp and weft float cutting machines as well as cutting machines for jump stitches on embroidery fabrics.