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DORNIER presents the rapier weaving machine P2

juin 24, 2019

Since its development in 1967 it was known as the most flexible rapier weaving machine in the world: the P1 made by Lindauer DORNIER GmbH. At the upcoming ITMA (20.–26.6., Barcelona) the company will present the standard variant of its [&hellip

Rieter at ITMA 2019 in Barcelona

juin 21, 2019

At ITMA 2019, Rieter showcases innovations for all four spinning processes that are established on the market. These innovations are designed to reduce raw material, energy and labor costs, while also increasing productivity during production of the yarn quality required [&hellip


juin 17, 2019

“Weave by Wire”: Why the digital age began much earlier for weaving machine manufacturers like DORNIER Everyone is talking about digitalization and Industry 4.0 at the moment. An important aspect of both of these major trends is automation, which is going [&hellip

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