VERDOL presents the new machine LTC 60 at DOMOTEX 2014

VERDOL presented one of the most complete ranges for textile machinery to the carpet yarn industry at the DOMOTEX 2014. The process expert in Twisting, Assembling, Cabling, Direct Cabling, Covering & Winding of yarns made of synthetic, artificial, natural and mineral fibers designs and manufactures machines for many sectors of the Technical yarn markets: BCF Yarns, Industrial Yarns, Tire Cord, Glass Yarns and much more.

A comprehensive Product Line of production and lab machines, parts, components and services for the Carpet Yarns producers
VERDOL is an innovative player supplying machinery in the field of cabling and twisting for main synthetic filaments as BCF PA, PES/PET/PTT and PP. For the BCF Direct Cabling & Twisting process, the Company offers a wide range of machines with mechanical spindles: CD, DT and CDDT.

CD-DT-CDDT 20: Flexibility and top quality controls at the highest level

  • Individual spindle speed control on mechanical spindle tape drive system,
  • Adjustable traverse with programmable servo drive technology,
  • Programmable feed drive system for BCF winding tension control,

Down time, efficiency, consumption and production under control thanks to Monitoring Unit System for Textile machinery, M.U.S.T..- Remote services…

LTC 60: For challenging markets applications

R&D Managers and Creative Managers always look for challenging markets with new applications. Then, for a maximum benefit in terms of flexibility and innovation, Verdol should offer a specific product combining the advantages of well-known VERDOL technologies and services. That ideal lab machine is called LTC 60. The Lab Twister & Cabler LTC 60 is designed with a compact and fashionable look, fast to unload from lorry and ready to start, easily movable.

The new VERDOL Lab Twister & Cabler LTC 60 © 2014 VERDOL
The new VERDOL Lab Twister & Cabler LTC 60 © 2014 VERDOL

With the LTC 60, VERDOL offers an optimum of flexibility thanks to the autarkic design of its individual compact motor spindle. Indeed, the LTC 60 combines twisting, cabling, direct cabling positions with single drives. Then, each multitalented individual spindle can be individually and remotely set with parameters setting. Different raws, several twists, multi-ply yarns, hybrid constructions become possible.

As far as there is no panel or touch screen PLC for the machine control. The personal computer is transformed into a LTC drive and control system.

Ideal for small lot production
Typically for commercial market’s actors involved in carpet tile, customers are always looking for an ideal machine for small lots production. Therefore, VERDOL has developed also that Combi-machine according to the needs of those customers.
With the LTC 60, it enables sample packages produced at the same time with small lots on one machine. Then, sampling can become “for extras” thus ensuring an optimal and efficient use of the machine.

ecoTex®: Energy consumption decreases drastically

VERDOL is still highlighting its complete product range of upgrades with four ecoTex® packages.
As the thread balloon rotating around the spindle pot is about 90% responsible for the energy consumed, especially in the direct cabling process, here are ecoTex® solutions: optimized pots and discs geometry around a reliable mechanical spindle in combination with an adapted thread balloon through different lid shapes.

For standard producer packages, Verdol is offering 3 ecoTex® packages used for all typical applications: ecoTex® Class 1, 2 and 3 can be used with standard 285mm feed bobbins. Compared to a normal package, those optimized packages reduce energy consumption up to 30%.
Another highlight is the latest Premium ecoTex® solution, based on smaller 260mm packages,  said to saves up 40% extra energy.

New upgrades

  • Significant energy saving through new textile equipments (ecoTex® solutions),
  • Enhanced solutions on cutter system,
  • Eclipsable take-up caps