Trützschler Switzerland AG: Successful start in the market of BCF and industrial yarn extrusion systems

Trützschler Switzerland AG (TSAG) is a world leader in manufacturing and supplying of complete extrusion systems for production of carpet yarn (BCF) and Industrial yarn (IDY).


The Winterthur site has more than 80 years of experience in design and manufacturing of high quality and reliable extrusion systems. After the acquisition of the Winterthur site by the Trützschler Group at the end of 2012, TSAG succeed in 2013/2014 to install and start several systems for BCF and IDY yarns. The new, Trützschler brand plants are installed virtually all over the world and cover all kind of polymers: PP, PA6, PA6-6 and PET. Production is running to full capacity and full satisfaction.


In carpet yarn systems, TSAG’s unique texturizing system is particularly appreciated. It allows for up to 10% material savings in carpet manufacturing compared to competition systems. Since the crimp is fuller and has a higher retention, a thinner, TSAG-texturized BCF yarn delivers the same carpet quality as a standard higher titer yarn. Other advantages are the long drawing zone, the flat temperature profile of the draw rolls and the high transfer efficiency of the winders.


TSAG’s industrial yarn systems reach a benchmark tenacity and hot air shrinkage with extremely high speed and high production efficiency. The yarns produced have a broad range of end application such as tire cords, fishing nets, belts and ropes as well as sport and leisure articles.


Further TSAG spinning lines are under installation in 2015. In parallel, TSAG is working on further improvement of the existing equipment. Based on the extensive process know-how and long experience in fiber extrusion field, new systems are also under development. The new developments, to be presented at ITMA in Milano, will bring innovative solutions to further enhance plant productivity and efficiency.


One of TSAG’s new BCF plants :
TSAG - BCF spinning plant