STRIPFOIL in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Industry

Why STRIPFOIL? …in the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packaging Industry


Automated blister packaging lines operate at high speed and during the course of a shift the machinery produces reject blisters for a variety of reasons. In addition, there are instances when whole batches need to be reworked. Deblistering to reintroduce the rejected product into the same production batch is standard procedure in most plants. When the product to be deblistered is of high value there is no real option other than to deblister. When it is an OTC low cost line the decision is less clear cut, but if it can be done very quickly, cleanly and with zero damage, deblistering is a more logical solution than incineration.


STRIPFOIL is the fastest and cleanest solution available.


The STRIPFOIL deblister process has proved successful with many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturers and is specifically designed to meet the needs of the industry. STRIPFOIL machines are intended for use in sterile facilities and have been designed to the highest GMP standards, with all component parts being certificated and fully traceable. Great attention has been paid to the health and safety aspects of the unit and the result has been successful validation on every installation.

 The Benefits of STRIPFOIL to the Pharmaceutical Production Sector

  • No damage to product
  • No contamination of the product by foil particles
  • Rapid return on investment from savings in waste
  • Certainty of final output volumes from available stock
  • No secondary inspection of the product required
  • High process speed
  • No tooling costs
  • Understanding of your validation requirements
  • High quality GMP design and construction
  • No requirement for 3-phase power or an air supply
  • STRIPFOIL machines are designed and built in Oxford, UK with full world-wide technical support always available