REDWAVE XRF – the first machine is just a beginning!



This is the conclusion drawn by one of our satisfied customers in metal recycling. Since the introduction of the REDWAVE XRF in the glass sector, around ten years ago, further development of XRF (X-ray fluorescence) sorting technology has also shown itself to be profitable in the metals sector: the technology has become very well established in recent years in the field of sorting for the most varied metals.


In contrast to near-infrared and camera technology, our REDWAVE XRF/C enables the detection of the elemental composition. The combination of XRF and camera technology in the new, innovative “free-fall design” opens absolutely new opportunities in sorting technology and is a significant competitive advantage compared to other sorting technologies available on the market. Currently, we are the only supplier of this novel technology worldwide.


The combination of camera and XRF sensors not only provides the option of qualitative analysis, i.e. identification of the element concerned, it also allows for quantitative analysis, which indicates the proportion or percentage of each element included in the material. This therefore makes it possible, for example, not only to sort copper from brass, or zinc from stainless steel, it also means that alloys can be separated from each other. If, for example, specific grades of stainless steels can be sorted from each other, this results in an extra added value of currently around € 250 per tonne.


Rising metal prices, confidence in the technology and awareness of the brand, as well as China’s policy ban on imports, are proving to be positive factors for the continuation of this positive development.


In the medium and long term, the stated goal is to realise not only the sale of individual machines but also to win projects in the metals plant engineering sector.