REDWAVE : Hanbury Plastic Recycling – Stoke on Trent, UK


HPR Limited creates high quality plastic feedstock materials, by sorting co-mingled commercial, industrial and postconsumer waste into separated polymer streams of high purity since 2011. HPR Limited process 40,000 tonnes/year of mixed kerbside collected plastic material.


HPR were looking for a solution to sort efficiently transparent HDPE (milk bottles) from coloured HDPE including white, blue, red, etc. White HDPE in the transparent HDPE stream negatively affects the quality of the sorted fraction. The sorting system is designed to remove all fibre and film material, ferrous, non-ferrous, and various plastics.


The system operates at approx. 5 to 6 tonnes / hour. HPR Limited were looking for a solution to sort efficiently natural and colour HDPE along with natural and colour PET before final storage and baling. The REDWAVE sorting machine working on near-infrared and colour detection can reliably separate the higher value transparent HDPE fraction from white HDPE and other colours. The sorter is also used for an additional application of sorting PET high grade material (PET clear bottles) from PET low grade (PET trays, PET G, …) material in one pass.

More efficiency due to the flexibility of the 3-way machine:

Due to the robust and uniquely efficient 3-way design only one machine sorts chosen fractions, for

example: First daily shift: HDPE transparent – HDPE colour (including white HDPE) – residuals

Second daily shift: PET high grade material – PET low grade material – residuals

Fig.2: REDWAVE NIR Function 3 Way

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