FELDKIRCHEN, DONAU (AUSTRIA): During the previous financial year 2013/14 (closing date: April 30, 2014), Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR) increased its sales from just below EUR 29 million to more than EUR 34 million.

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Innovative equipment developments are opening new applications for plastics recycling. This past financial year was marked by several customized solutions for specific sectors. NGR expanded the E:GRAN series by adding the E:GRAN 75, an innovative model designed to recycle film edge trim at a rate of up to 120 kg/h and thus keep pace with increasing film production speeds. HDPE pipes in sizes up to DN450 can be recycled automatically into high-quality pellets with a pipe-guillotine and a combined shredder-feeder-extruder system. The total number of systems in operation worldwide thus rose to more than 720.
Much potential raised and market-orientated further developed. « The positive tailwind in the plastics recycling industry, as well as consistent and competent focus on technological innovations and the expansion of global sales activities, produced this impressive result, » states Josef Hochreiter, CEO of NGR.