NGR : introduction of BritAS Filter in US Market (NPE 2015)

FELDKIRCHEN/DONAU (AUSTRIA). The Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR) is proud to announce the US market introduction of the BritAS “Automatic Band Melt Filter “ during the NPE 2015 in Orlando (March 23 – 26).
The Automatic Band Melt Filter is designed to handle high volumes of heavily contaminated melt streams – predominantly PE.
Some two years ago NGR has purchased BritAS Recycling-Anlagen GmbH. “The US market introduction is an important step towards global market roll out”, remarks Gerold Barth, CEO at BritAS.
The filtration system provides effective cleaning of plastic melts to a fineness of 70 µm. Using cost effective endless filter bands, the filtration area is completely renewed at each automatic screen-change and thereby fully removing the contaminants, keeps quality up and costs low. The melt loss is lower than 0.2% which further reduces filtration costs.

In Europe, the system is widely spread, mainly for the recycling of end-of-life plastics, with over 170 units operating in more than 70 sites. For the US market introduction a BritAs filter will be displayed at the NGR booth no. 7551, West Hall.