NGR during the Fakuma with life-demonstration of special Recycling-Machine for Injection-Molding-Enterprises

The A:GRAN-Series from NGR is specialized on recycling bulky or thick-walled plastic parts, which typically originate from scrap in injection-molding. Plastic waste is processed by a heavy duty shredder operating at low speed for gentle size reduction and minimal loss of material properties. In this process, pneumatic rams push the material on to the shredder drum. After shredding, the material is fed directly into the extruder.

Please visit NGR on booth nr A5-5108 to be part of the life-demonstration of the A:GRAN recycling machine

NGR Fakuma 14

ONE-STEP TECHNOLOGY In a single process step, the slow-turning shredder blades grind up the plastic waste and the shredded material is then fed continuously to the extruder.

PROCESS BULKY PLASTIC SCRAP Large, thick or bulky waste can be processed without pre-shredding as long as pieces fit into the chute opening.

Easy On/Off operation
Restart after unplanned shutdown in less than two minutes with full chute and full extruder
The control system provides for smooth start-up of equipment components


The material level in the chute is constantly measured and the feed is regulated accordingly
Conveyor can be loaded intermittently – the rest is handled by the NGR control unit


FAKUMA 2014 in Friedrichshafen. October 14 – 18