NGR at FAKUMA (13.10. – 17.10.2015)

FELDKIRCHEN, DONAU (AUSTRIA): Conversion of Injection-Molding Sprues to High Quality Resin at the FAKUMA on the NGR-Booth

How easy it can be to convert plastic production scrap into reusable resin, is demonstrated to visitors of the FAKUMA at the booth of Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH.
A machine of the series A:GRAN is displayed and is life operated. The unit covers the conveying of the plastic scrap, the shredding, the extrusion and finally the pelletizing. This all-in-one-machine, with its compact design, offers all that is needed in an injection molding facility and ensures lowering the material costs.
The life demonstration on the booth show the conversion of injection molding sprues out of PP to high quality resin. All machine components are controlled by one interface, which eases the operation. After shredding the scrap, the material is directly introduced in the extruder – no dust – no contamination of the material.
The design concept of the A:GRAN-Series incorporates a powerful shredder, which can process thick-walled or bulky parts. The shredder-design allows to be fed discontinuously – a typical situation when considering plastic scrap generation during injection molding.

A-GRAN recycling machine


You are most welcome to visit the NGR booth no. A5 – 5108 during the exhibition and to be part of the life demonstration.