HERBOLD at K 2016

herbert-herboldK 2016 Düsseldorf      (19 – 26/ 10/ 2016)

HERBOLD – Hall 09/ Booth B42


Are you interested in saving energy, better wear and tear protection and higher purity grade in plastics recycling?
Herbold Meckesheim offers solutions that will interest you! We can talk about your opportunities to save energy, to reduce wear and tear and achieve a higher degree of purity in your plastics recycling.


SB Granulator with Forced Feeding (Patented)

These SB granulators with forced feeding have been in successful use worldwide for several years. The feed material is not fed into the cutting chamber by gravity as with standard granulators but forced via screw conveyors


Plastcompactor HV 50 Series with New Feeding Design

Free-flowing, easy to dose and mixable agglomerate with high bulk density? The solution is the Herbold Plastcompactor, a modern compacting machine. The material is heated, dried and compacted by the friction between the compacting discs of the compactor



Mechanical Dryer T1016

The material is dried mechanically in the dryer and contaminations removed and discharged at the same time thanks to the impact energy. The T 1016 now offers the additional advantage of better accessibility due to the bilaterally hinged housing covers


Step Dryer  HV ST 150/150

The vertical step dryer consists of a multi-step rotor and yields a residual humidity in the range between 0.4 and 0.06 weight%. It is appropriate for drying all thermoplastic regrind or granules; it is particularly appropriate for drying brittle plastics with the least material loss caused by fines.




In case you were not able to visit the booth of HERBOLD, or you would like more information, please do contact us.


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