Xetma Vollenweider shows at Techtextil 2013 individual finishing solutions for technical textiles

Besides the wide range of applications in textile finishing for the apparel and home textile industry, added value technologies become more and more popular in the field of technical textiles, too.

The growing demand for Soft Touch effects has caused Xetma Vollenweider (Hall 3, Booth J47) to develop an innovative machine system which is set to be a pioneer in the market. With the newly developed X-TREME XEB model Xetma Vollenweider is setting new standards in textile finishing, especially in terms of production performance and the quality of the surface effects. According to the motto “Swiss Technology – Made in Germany” the German-Swiss company gives the highest priority to achieve the maximum possible production speeds and producing finishing results of above-average quality.

Highlights for technical textiles
Due to the high innovative potential, technical textiles open up new opportunities for a wide range of applications. For this reason the future- and innovation-oriented company Xetma Vollenweider has developed special and individual finishing solutions for technical textiles. With its long experience in the field of textile surface finishing and the successful cooperation with numerous well-known customers particularly in the sectors MOBILTECH and INDUTECH Xetma Vollenweider knows very well about the specific demands in the area of technical textiles. The different cleaning systems offered by Xetma Vollenweider for example improve the surface characteristics of technical textiles significantly and thus result in a much more efficient production process and higher quality of the end product.

An increase in productivity and unique surface effects that cannot be created with other traditional technologies can also be achieved by combining different technologies in only one operation such as Raising and Emerizing (XRE) or Emerizing and Brushing (XEB), as it is possible in the new XTREME XEB.

Since more than 160 years Xetma Vollenweider as a company with long-standing traditions is developing and manufacturing finishing systems for textiles with German quality and Swiss precision. The wide and innovative technology portfolio includes the product lines Soft Touch (emerizing & brushing), Plush Touch (raising), Even Touch (shearing), Level Touch (carpet shearing) and Clean Touch (fabric cleaning).

In the field of Shearing, the Xetma Vollenweider brand is also able to look back on more than 130 years of experience. As one of the most traditional manufacturer of shearing machines worldwide Xetma Vollenweider has always been one step ahead of the market demands. Besides maximum shearing precision, the shearing systems of Xetma Vollenweider offer greater cutter durability and higher production speeds than any other supplier.
The finishing of textile floor coverings and nonwovens in wide widths up 6.0 meters are a special field of application for the machines made by Xetma Vollenweider.