VERDOL – LTC CY suitable for two for one twisting, cabling and direct cabling process.

Once again, Verdol is demonstrating its competence across the twisting process and new production methods! Indeed, further to many audits with customers through R&D, Quality, Laboratory and Creative managers, the Verdol company decided in 2012 to share its expertise through a Lab machine, the LTC CY suitable for two for one twisting, cabling and direct cabling process.

From the Concept to the Product
In tune with fast moving fashion trends, this is our motto! Therefore, we have been working for several years with people which always look for challenging markets with new applications, involved in every aspects of yarn control or in charge of lab works for sampling.
Into the flooring industry for rugs and carpets, most of big carpet mills are coming out now with environmental product declarations. Due to those new environmental performance goals, lab work may become increasingly important role from concept to the product passing through design, development and sampling. For a maximum benefit in terms of new production methods, Verdol is offering the LTC CY, a specific product combining all the advantages of our well-known technologies and services.

Domotex 2014

Amazing ergonomy!
The LTC CY is designed with a compact and fashionable look, fast to unload from lorry, ready to start and being easily removable. With the LTC CY, we offer an optimum of flexibility thanks to the autarkic design of its individual compact motor spindle. Indeed the LTC CY combines twisting, cabling, direct cabling positions with single drives. Then, each spindle can be individually and remotely set with setting parameters. Different raws, several twists, multi-ply yarns for hybrid constructions become now possible. As far as there is no panel or touch screen PLC for the machine control, your own personal computer is dedicated into a perfect LTC drive and control system. Then, your entire computer stays at your fingertips from your desktop to files, with your software and messenger …… for more flexibility!