VERDOL (formerly SwissTex France) at CINTE Techtextil China

The VERDOL SAS Company was present on the Show and showed on its booth one of the most complete ranges of Technologies & Machinery for the Processing of high tenacity Yarns.

A new brand for the Company

In April SwissTex France (previously known under the brands ICBT, Rieter FYT and RITM) joined the French Company REYES GROUPE. The new name of the Company is today VERDOL, famous brand, which is behind the Company’s history and well known in a lot of textile machinery markets worldwide.

For 40 years REYES GROUPE is a renowned French industrial and independent Company of 300 people recognized for its expertise and experience in electrical and mechanical engineering, electrical integration and integration series. It is a partner of major industrial international companies of many sectors such as Energy, Oil & Gas, Solar, Hydro…

REYES GROUPE has a strong knowledge of the VERDOL know-how and products and a perfect complementary skills since the two Companies have worked together for over 25 years. Thanks to this synergy, REYES GROUPE has the will to strengthen the technological, financial and commercial capabilities of VERDOL so that the machines are always on the forefront of innovation for the complete satisfaction of its customers.

T&I Yarns: One step further in innovation

Every application has its specific twisting and cabling quality demands in order to fulfill the final end-use requirements. The range of VERDOL cabling, twisting and assembling machines exactly fulfils this challenging target.

The UT, UTC, UTW and CP machines are known all over the world as robust and reliable machines. UT twister and UTC twister-cabler are also famous for their huge flexibility. Different products can be twisted on each spindle thanks to fully individual driven positions, from spindle to take-up. VERDOL will show in Shanghai new machines focusing on energy saving and keeping the same perfect ergonomics…

VERDOL will present on its booth a running UTC 60 for processing all types of Industrial Yarns.

Carpet yarns: Energy consumption

VERDOL is a major player supplying machinery in the field of cabling and twisting for synthetic filaments and spun yarns. For the Cabling & Twisting process, the Company offers a wide range of machines with mechanical spindles: CD, DT and CDDT, now available with ecoTex®, the well known technological textile components with a significantly reduced energy consumption.

They are designed to process each type of yarn as economically as possible and in compliance with an industrial and ergonomic environment.

Glass Yarns: Worldwide reputation

VERDOL reacts to its customer’s demands by offering its products everywhere and supplying permanently the machines that best fits the customer’s needs. VERDOL is always in search of new ways to increase its equipment performances. The Company will present in Shanghai its new glass twisting machine generation for Asian markets.

M.U.S.T. – Monitoring Unit System for Textile machinery: Production under control!

VERDOL will bring out its complete and comprehensive plant management system, M.U.S.T., (Monitoring Unit System for Textile machinery) already installed at major carpet, glass and T&I yarn producers. M.U.S.T. enables a live overview of process information, production results and quality control data at all levels from the cabler & twister to the weaving looms. Its web-based conception ensures remote access, gateway with main ERP systems, mobile application on PDA, displaying on wallboard etc … for a comprehensive efficiency.