VAN DE WIELE and SUPERBA join forces

Wednesday May 27th witnesses the creation of a unique force in the world of the manufacturing of yarns for carpet: the Belgian consortium Van de Wiele signed an agreement to purchase the French company Superba and the US company American Superba.
Superba is the world leader in the manufacturing of heat setting machines for carpet yarns. Superba has developed a unique and performing heat setting system based on saturated steam. With 40 years of experience in the highly specialized field of yarns for tufted and woven carpet, Superba is providing advanced and competitive solutions with a complete range of machines. The product portfolio does not only contain steaming and shrinking lines, but also sophisticated space-dyeing machines. Superba machines are characterized by high performance, efficiency and environment friendliness, integrating the latest technologies in term of automation, information treatment and remote access. Superba will continue to operate from Mulhouse, France, the USA and China.
Van de Wiele has for many years a leading position in the manufacturing of carpet and velvet weaving machines. The constant drive for innovation has led to several revolutions in the field of carpet weaving. Van de Wiele has extended its activities and is also offering tufting machines (Cobble-Van de Wiele), extrusion machines for carpet yarns, high-speed Jacquard machines, drives, yarn feeders and various other electronic components. The Van de Wiele group employs worldwide over 2.900 people and achieves a turnover over 500 million euro.
The acquisition presents a complementary extension of the Van de Wiele range with maximum synergy of markets and knowledge. The know-how of Superba in the field of yarn technology will improve the performance of the weaving, tufting and extrusion machines while the knowledge of these technologies will lead to better performing heat-setting lines. All this resulting in new developments and better performing machines for the benefit of the customer.
Van de Wiele and Superba, two historic and famous names in the carpet technology, have now come together to help the industry achieve new heights of innovation, quality and profitability. The transaction is expected to close in the next two to three months after completion of the usual due diligence.