They combine maximum quality, efficiency and productivity using minimal space, and complement each other perfectly: the autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 26 and the draw frame SB-D 26 without autoleveler. With these machines, Rieter has reached another milestone in draw frame technology and is offering customers the best possible sliver quality for their spinning mill.

Double-head autoleveler draw frame RSB-D 26

Double-head Draw Frame without autoleveling SB-D 26


In practice, the new machines produce at a delivery speed of up to 1?200 m/min per head. This means that, depending on the fiber material, the delivery speed can be up to 33% higher compared to predecessor models. The excellent scanning precision and high autoleveling dynamics of the RSB-D 26 ensure a high level of quality.

Savings Thanks to a New Drive Solution

The new drive solution means savings in energy consumption and maintenance. Per machine, customers can save up to 1 500 euros per year. This means an extremely attractive return on the investment is achieved over the service life of both models. As a standard feature, the draw frames are now equipped with integrated energy monitoring. This supports preventive maintenance and reduces the risk of machine failures.

Technological Expertise in the Operating Unit

The double-head draw frames SB-D 26 and RSB-D 26 use the latest generation of control systems with a color-display operating unit. Once the raw material data has been entered, recommended settings for the entire machine appear on the display. This therefore ensures good standard quality, even when specialists are not available or the staff is inexperienced. The operating unit allows quick and easy machine control. LEDs that are visible from a distance provide information about the status of the draw frame, impart clear notices to the operator and allow efficient work.

Minimal Space Requirement

The size of the machines makes them ideal for applications where space is limited. With a machine width of less than three meters, the SB-D 26 is not only the most compact in its class but, when combined with the RSB-D 26, it also forms the most compact draw frame line on the market.