REIFENHÄUSER : Second model type of mechatronic polishing stacks now also available for the production of PS or PP films

Now also available for the production of PS or PP films:

Second model type of mechatronic polishing stacks launched by Reifenhäuser


Troisdorf, September 2015 | Producers of films for yoghurt cups, trays and similar products can immediately benefit from the innovative polishing stack technology of Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating: The engineers of the machinery company have developed their hitherto most successful MIREX-MT polishing stack further and brought to market a new model type named MIREX-MT-HS. Thanks to the mechatronic gap adjustment, this new series too, works highly precisely and fully automated as adjusted at the 24” operation touch panel installed directly at the polishing stack. The vertical roll arrangement and smaller roll diameters in a range between 310 and 510 mm make it an optimal solution mainly for the production of polystyrene, polypropylene and barrier films with output capacities from 400 kg/h to about 1,200 kg/h.

The first extrusion line equipped with the new MIREX-MT-HS polishing stack design was shipped by Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating to a European customer at the end of May. The line featuring a capacity of 800 kg/h will produce 0.4 to 1.6 mm thick PP films in a finished width of up to 850 mm. For this kind of films it is common practice to use polishing stacks of a space-saving vertical roll arrangement. Due to the fact that the normally used hydraulic roll set-on system was replaced with a mechatronic system in the MIREX-MT-HS polishing stack, the customer is able to produce also under clean room conditions. This is increasingly demanded by the food industry.

In addition, the reproducible adjustment of the mechatronic system enables the customer to produce optimum quality in a very short time after product changeover – independent of the line operator’s skills. Philip Neumann, sales director at Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating says: “The market of our customers is highly competitive so that margins are low. Therefore, the cost advantage achieved through fast production of quality products after start-up of the line or after product changeover was the crucial argument for our customer to buy the system from us with our unique and patented MT technology.”

The second model type of mechatronic polishing stacks was highly accepted when it was introduced into the market. Mr Neumann says: “This design too, will replace polishing stacks working with hydraulic roll set-on systems. Already now, shortly after it has been launched, we have several orders in place.” The third model type of polishing stacks using a mechatronic roll set-on system will be presented by Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating still this year so that in the medium term all polishing stacks will consistently be changed to the new MT technology.


The second model type of Reifenhäusers’ mechatronic polishing stacks is optimized for the production of polystyrene, polypropylene and barrier films with output capacities from 400 kg/h to about 1,200 kg/h.


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