PROTECHNA will undertake the worldwide sales of the I.L.E.-products (Italy) starting September 1st 2013

The main product is called “PHOTOTEX – FM10/FM20” (a fabric scanner, for circular knitting machines).

Fabric Scanner_FM10_FM20

General Information

The fabric scanner I.L.E. PHOTOTEX FM10 / FM20 is a computerised monitoring system for circular knitting machines, which detects defects in the knitted fabric by means of an infrared optical sensor. Due to the way the system operates, the fabric scanner is designed for monitoring only closed, plain (not black) fabrics without pattern.

The control unit contains all the necessary components to operate the monitoring system and allows the connection of one (FM10) or two (FM20) optical sensors. The optical sensor is positioned above the knitted fabric to scan the surface of the knitted fabric using precise monitoring techniques.

The control unit features different adjustments for the detection of holes, dropped stitches and broken threads. An advanced monitoring method is conducted during 3 rotations of the cylinder, which allows detecting the smallest dropped stitches. The built-in microcontroller stores and displays the number and type of defects.

The monitoring system prevents from manufacturing faulty pieces and allows a quality control related to the number and type of defects.

Detail Fabric Scanner FM10


  • Illuminated 32-character LCD display shows the relevant data in a clear and complete way
  • Checking for dropped stitches during three consecutive turns before the machine is stopped
  • Two optical sensors placed at opposite sides of the knitted fabric reduce the reaction time
  • and minimise the fault lengths (only FM20)
  • Adjustable fault counter for holes and broken threads to avoid false stops of the machine
  • Different operating languages included  Operator password for data and configuration protection
  • Specifications
  • Optical sensor using infrared light
  • Computerised control unit
  • Power supply from 22 V AC to 26 V AC, 50 Hz – 60 Hz
  • Power consumption approx. 10 VA
  • Magnetic sensor input compatible with all other I.L.E. devices