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NGR Plastic-Recycling-Machines for the Pelletizing of Post Industrial Waste out of Shrink- and Stretch Film Manufacturing with Focus on Gel-Development

Defects in shrink- and stretch films lead to optical impairments of the products, can lead to minimizing the mechanical characteristics or even cause the film to fail. The defects influence the manufacturing process of films negatively. These defects are often caused by impurities in the polymer. In connection with said defects, the developments to even reduce the film-thickness further, puts even higher requirements on the purity of the polymers. This report deals with the causes of impurities in the polymer-matrix and shows which measures modern plastic recycling equipment provide to limit further gel development.                               

Besides the polymer-defects, which may be found in virgin-material, there are a number of impurities, which – depending on size, form and frequency – also affect the manufacturing process and the film-quality in a negative manner. Generally one can state, that the more often the resin or film is manipulated within the chain of virgin-material-supply to material-recycling, the higher the impurities within the polymer gets.

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Image: basic design of a modern shredder-feeder-extruder-combination for the pelletizing of Stretch- and Shrink Films








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