Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik Names NGR Supplier of the Year for 2015:

Simply Better Together


The quality of a company also depends on selecting the right suppliers. Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik GmbH therefore closely assesses the skills of its service providers and each year selects the best supplier. NGR Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH from Austria is delighted to be named the 2015 Supplier of the Year. NGR impressed the German PE film pros with cutting edge technology, advice as a partner, and rapid service support.

Bubble wrap, foam sheets, stretch film (blown and cast-film): Up to 11,000 tons of high-quality PE films annually leave the production facilities of Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik. At two sites in Bavaria – Chieming/Egerer and Hart – orders are not only fulfilled but are also custom-assembled. To make optimal use of the valuable PE material, much of the production equipment has been built by the company itself – based on the technical knowledge of its founder Dr Heinz Oldenburg, a trained mechanical engineer with a doctorate in plastics engineering, as well as the expertise of the company’s 110 experienced employees.

Continual supplier ratings show who you can count on

The high level of care and the high standards that Dr. Oldenburg and his colleagues place on their products and production machinery also apply to all the suppliers that work with Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik. For NGR, this means that the company is not measured strictly on the technical performance of its recycling machines. Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik continuously checks and rates punctuality, reliability of service or problem-solving skills of NGR employees. At the German PE film manufacturer, a total of three recycling solutions from NGR are in use. Two machines in the E: GRAN film series (since 2014 and 2015) provide inline high-quality recycling of film edge trim. Additionally, Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik invested in 2015 in an S: GRAN, for material and energy-saving recycling of bulky PE production waste and start-up lumps.

Advice as a partner creates a relationship of trust from the start

Before the first recycling machine from NGR was put into operation at Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik, convincing facts could be gathered at the NGR customer care center. Through state-of-the-art recycling technology, experience testing technology and an in-house laboratory, NGR studied the client material to establish a successful recycling process. Thanks to the testing in the Feldkirchen customer care center, Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik had the technical and financial confidence in the pellets to invest in the right recycling technology.

Taking environmental protection seriously

Recycling is the ideal method for obtaining valuable plastic resources in the production process. The aim of such a recycling scenario within a company is to come as close as possible to a waste-free process. Oldenburg Kunststoff-Technik is a good example for many SMEs which have very deliberately set their sights on a circular economy. Production waste is generated inevitably in most production processes. It therefore not only makes sense financially to recycle this material. Taking on responsibility for the environment and running a sustainable business are deeply anchored and essential values for the German company.





NGR wants to move forward in the future as well with this responsible, sustainable approach to the valuable resource of plastic, and actively partner with its clients to achieve these goals.