NGR on the Interpack 2014 with high performance recycling solution “Film-to-Pellet”

FELDKIRCHEN a.d. DONAU (AUSTRIA): Especially for the manufacturers of packaging film, NGR has adapted the E:GRAN series for higher output rates.
The new E:GRAN 75 is capable of processing edge trims of 120kg/h into high quality pellets and is thereby following the trend of film-processing-lines getting bigger, with higher output rates for optimizing cost structures. In spite of the high output rate of this new recycling solution, the E:GRAN 75 has a small layout and can therefore support existing material streams – also in fitting the machine into existing production environments. The machine concept – especially the easily adaptable control unit – allows for automated use, even inline. This automation option creates additional capacity for production staff.



In accordance with the enlargement of the E:GRAN series, the air pelletizing unit from NGR, has also been overhauled and extended to reach output rates up to 120kg/h. The air pelletizing is applied, where cooling water is not available or the pellets are not to be in contact with water, due to stringent specifications.
The optimized developments on the new E: and the new air Ppelletizing unit for film manufacturers, will ease the material handling and material logistics and actively support tendencies towards cost reduction.

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