NGR Celebrates 20-year Anniversary

 Powerful Force for the Future of the Circular Economy of Plastics


In May 2016, Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (NGR) looked back on 20 years of company history as an international success. This major milestone was celebrated at the headquarters in Upper Austria with NGR sales partners, employees and guests from more than 20 countries.

The company also set its sails for the next decade, where the focus will be on the transition to the circular economy. As part of the Next Generation Group, NGR aims to promote its vision for the future as the technological market leader in the plastics sector.

More than 900 plastics recycling solutions in more than 80 countries around the world:

“It is my profound belief that we must leave a livable planet for our children, and I have dedicated myself to this goal professionally.” CEO Josef Hochreiter wants to actively pursue the direction the company has taken to make sustainable use of resources in the plastics industry. Indeed, the stars seem to be aligned for these efforts. Because during the course of two decades, NGR has become a strong partner in a growing group, the Next Generation Group. Josef Hochreiter adds: “The group brings together all of the expertise necessary to ensure that plastics are managed in an efficient and sustainable manner throughout the entire cycle –from product design to processing and recycling.”

From start-up to hidden champion

The NGR success story began in 1996 as a typical start-up in an annex of a farmhouse. “The first system was sold to a client in Japan. The foundation of further funding and the expansion of the company was thus laid,” recalls Gerold Barth, managing director and one of the founders of NGR. The choice to make Upper Austria the headquarters has proven a smart decision from the start. As one of Europe’s strongest competitive regions, with an export ratio of almost 60 percent, many hidden champions such as NGR are found in Upper Austria. These companies have achieved a dominant position in their industry through qualified and motivated employees and are therefore successful worldwide.

Material knowledge as greatest challenge of the future

To ensure continued success, it will be critical to manufacture and develop reliable products with the highest quality standards in the future and to develop smarter machine solutions that provide maximum efficiency. However, this is certainly not everything, Thomas Pichler, Managing Director of NGR, explains: “The biggest challenge will be in the area of material knowledge. It will be crucial to understand the increasingly complex structures of plastic products in order to be able to provide optimal processing solutions in terms of the best possible recycling qualities.”

NGR 20 Pressefoto

More than 250 guests from 20 nations celebrated 20 successful years for NGR Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen on May 20 at the headquarters in Feldkirchen (Austria).
Shown here (from left to right): Friedrich Kastner (Plastics Cluster Upper Austria, Managing Partner at Collin and BritAs), Thomas Pichler (Managing Partner NGR), Josef Hochreiter (CEO NGR, CEO Next Generation Group), Nina Kraft (moderator), Angelika Sery-Froschauer (VP Chamber of Commerce Upper Austria), Gerold Barth (Managing Partner at NGR), Corné Verstraten (Partner at Collin and BritAs, Franz Allerstorfer (Mayor of Feldkirchen)


NGR (Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH)

Founded in 1996, the Austrian company Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH provides plastic recycling solutions that enable customers to run highly-efficient recycling operations with up to zero-scrap production. The systems are manufactured at the headquarters in Feldkirchen, where a state-of-the-art customer care center is also located. 98 percent of the machines are exported abroad. Recycling solutions from NGR are in use in more than 80 countries worldwide. With customer care centers in Europe, the USA and China, we are never far from our clients.

NGR is part of a strong network: Next Generation Group (Collin, BritAS, NGR). This network is committed to the sustainable use of plastics resources. Our vision: To promote an efficient reusable material cycle in which plastics are recovered as a valuable material for future generations. The Next Generation Group has an annual revenue of EUR 55 million.