NGR at FAKUMA (13.10 – 17.10.2015)

FELDKIRCHEN, DONAU (AUSTRIA): High Value Regranulate from PET Injection Molded Parts at the FAKUMA 2015


Next Generation Recyclingmaschinen GmbH (Feldkirchen/Austria) has designed equipment especially for the area of scrap production waste from injection molded parts. The basis is the P:REACT 300, which produces high quality PET regranulate, even at lower output rates.


The injection molding of parts out of PET causes the material to lose on IV-Value (Intrinsic Viscosity). Simple regrinding and introduction of this material will lead to receiving injection molded parts with weaker properties – resulting from the mentioned material-degradation.


With the P:REACT series from NGR (Next Generation Recycling GmbH), the PET-material is improved and the properties are put to the desired level again. This secures high quality products, saves material costs and lowers the amount of scrap significantly. P:REACT works according to the principle of LSP (Liquid State Polycondensation) and produces PET usable for 100% food-contact in accordance with FDA regulations.

Integrated recycling equipment proves the high performance especially on injection molded parts with high output rates, for example PET-preforms for bottle manufacturing or for PET-parts coming from the injection blow process.

During the FAKUMA 2015, visitors may receive more in depth information on PET improvement, together with a live demonstration of the A:GRAN (Shredder-Feeder-Extruder Combination). The working principle of the A:GRAN demonstrates how the PET melt preparation for P:REACT can easily be accomplished.


You are most welcome to visit the NGR booth no. A5 – 5108 during the exhibition and to be part of the life demonstration.