Lindauer DORNIER GmbH : technology days from October till December 2015

For Lindauer DORNIER GmbH sustainability is a philosophy for more than 65 years, not just a fashionable trend. Lindauer DORNIER GmbH produces machines and installations that allow the customers to offer for their part effective and efficient solutions for the protection of humans and the environment.

Their innovations have the objective to constantly push forward the technological progress in order to provide new impulses generated by new machine concepts. With their experience gained in 50 years of DORNIER rigid-rapier weaving machine, 25 years of air-jet weaving machine and more than 65.000 units sold worldwide, they offer a unique know-how and precision “Made in Germany”.

In this ITMA year 2015 Lindauer DORNIER GmbH wishes to present you, dear customers and interested persons, under the motto DORNIER “The Green Machine”, comprehensive solutions for sustainable technologies. This is not just hinting at the well-known green varnish of their weaving machines but above all at the “green effect” of the fabrics they produce.

These fabrics are vital for many “green technologies” in almost all sectors: such as finest filters to purify water or air, airbags and anti-ballistic structures to protect against death or injuries, glass or carbon fiber composites to reduce moving masses and consequently CO2 emissions. In all those sectors the “Green Machines” have been essential tools for the production of high-precision fabrics for environmental protection for a long time.

Moreover, these installations are sustainable themselves as they have an average lifetime of several decades. This is made possible thanks to the platform strategy and the modular design concept of the DORNIER weaving machine system family, but also the worldwide support from which even 30 year-old DORNIER machines reliably benefit – creating a permanent additional value for you.

The newly presented concepts, going beyond the obvious, to produce of high-precision fabrics are based on an advanced generation of DORNIER rapier weaving machines with positive rapier control. This machine, in super heavy construction for filtration fabrics, will be a central exhibit at the DORNIER stand in Milan along with three other rapier and air-jet weaving machines.

In Lindau, in addition, a Jacquard weaving system for 3D structures as well as the DORNIER tape weaving machine in conjunction with an innovative tape production line for the application-specific production of thermoplastically fixed or consolidated tapes can be visited in the Technology Center. For the first time, also the new terry air-jet weaving machine and special applications of the DORNIER ORW (Open Reed Weave) technology for the clothing and technical textile sector will be revealed there to the public.

Dornier ServoTerry

At the main factory – surrounded by old trees and preserved nature – Lindauer DORNIER GmbH can show you these new innovative processes and machines in a more personal and quiet environment than at the exhibition stand. Within this framework a discussion with you about individual applications and solutions is possible.

Seize the opportunity of the DORNIER Technology Days, taking place from October to December, to explore these exciting topics exclusively in Lindau.

Visit Lindauer DORNIER GmbH before, during or after ITMA.

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We are looking forward to your visit in Lindau!