– Minimise fire risk
– Protect workers
– Ensure minimal downtime
– Provide a safe working environment

Airborne dust ?

Dust on equipment?

Do you have these issues at your facility ?

As soon as dust settles, it becomes a fire or explosion risk.  dust control system will ensure you downtime for housekeeping is kept to an absolute minimum while keeping staff safe.




Impact Air SystemsDust Control

Impact has vast experience of dust control solutions, enabling us to offer simple yet highly effective methods for capturing dust at source, at conveyor discharge or transfer points.

These dust control solutions can be integrated into your operations using stand-alone fully automatic filter systems or incorporated into other centralised pneumatic conveying systems.


Dust Dangers

  • Fire/Explosion – Combustible dusts present an explosion hazard when suspended in certain conditions which can result in catastrophic damage.
  • Occupational Health issues – Including an unpleasant working environment for staff, all dust types can cause respiratory allergies, infection and long term health problems such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.
  • Maintenance Issues – An excessive build-up of dust can get into moving parts and create problems with the efficiency of operational equipment.



Working to standards and directives

Our systems are designed to adhere to the ATEX 2014-34-EU European Directive and US standard NFPA 654, where applicable.

We have supplied and installed centralised dust control systems in a wide range of industries such as power stations, waste management sites, commercial printing, corrugated board manufacturers, furniture manufacturers, packaging and conversion facilities, foundries, textile manufacturers and many more.


Our solutions


• Custom designed dust capture hoods/enclosures
• Range of different ductwork construction and designs to suit application
• Vast range of filtration technologies to suit all dust types
• Energy efficient centralised dust control systems
• Dampers to allow variations in fan speed and extraction efficiency
• ATEX rated components for use in potentially explosive atmospheres
• Fully certified and tested systems in line with LEV guidelines