HASGROUP (Turkey) on the way to become a world brand

The HAS GROUP at ITM exhibition in Istanbul (c) 2013 HASGROUP


HASGROUP, established in 1984 in Turkey as a solution provider and machine supplier for textile industry, continues its healthy growth in the local, as well as in the global market. Today the Group’s machines are run in 47 countries from Americas to Far East. Experienced installation teams set up machines according to the specific requirements of production and after-sales services make sure that quality standards are sustained over the entire life of machines.

Thanks to a working environment in EU norms and production at world standards, HAS GROUP continues its researches in order to offer new solutions for ever-changing customer needs. Laser cutting, CNC-controlled frames, CNC lathe-processing centers make sure that all machines are manufactured with micron precision.

HASGROUP focuses its activities on 4 fields, namely textile finishing, carpet-back coating, technical textiles and special projects. 

In textile finishing stenter frames, sanforizing, denim finishing line, raising, shearing, brushing, compacting, drying and tumbler machines work to the satisfaction of their users in denim, woven, knitted and non-woven areas.
The Group collected the fruits of long term R&D work on denims, by booking a recent deal with Vicunha Textiles for their factories in Brasil, Argentina and Ecuador. Stenter frames are equipped with last generation hydrolic foulards. Sanforizing machines will sustain the customer’s good fabric quality thanks to state-of-the-art water spraying units, automatic shrinking control devices with weft straightener and pick-counter.
Technical textiles and carpet-back coating machines are the products of know-how and technology transfer gained by long years’ experience in textile machinery manufacturing. In Gaziantep / Turkey, where 30% of global woven carpet manufacturing capacity exists, HASGROUP customers enjoy the machine quality and after-sales services. The latest deliveries to the leading carpet-manufacturers ‘’Kaplan Kardeşler’’ and ‘’Tümer Halı’’ testify the satisfaction of the market with the Group’s machinery. 

HASGROUP machines provide a single finishing line that combines wall-to-wall and woven carpet lines. Felt and action-back laminations, gel foaming application and artificial grass manufacturing can be made on the same line. Space, energy and labor savings are additional benefits of the users.

Special Projects Department acts as a solution provider of tailor made products to leading companies and brands who want to give local service to their Turkish customers. Back in 2004 Procter&Gamble had choosen HAS GROUP Special projects department for their projects on  paper products, diaper and sanitary-pad machines. Siemens VAI (USA) and Danieli (Italy) are the business partners in steel mill rolling machines and equipments. In military defense industry Aselsan and Roketsan’s supplier choice has been HASGROUP.  Otto-Junker, one of the leaders of metallurgical and thermal equipment companies from Germany has recently visited and inspected HASGROUP production- and assembly plants. They have already given their official statement that they were very impressed by organization and capabilities and they will definitely include HASGROUP in their future projects.

In order to sustain its leadership position in the market, HASGROUP is fully aware of the importance of innovation concept. Therefore, the group has started collaborating with DuPont to further develop the engineering properties of the machines. Energy efficiency, product design and productivity are among the topics worked on. 

HASGROUP is also developing a new after-sales and technical support concept to the customers. In a technical joint venture with world-wide-known brands of elastane, knitting machines, dyestuff- and chemicals manufacturers, the Group intends to offer package-solutions to customers for all kinds of their needs, i.e. product development, technical and technological innovations and problem solutions for the fabrics they produce. Each party will offer its own experience and know-how to make sure that all technical aspects of the fabric are covered by the market leader of that field. The details of this new technical joint-venture will be announced soon.