HAS Group at ITMA (Hall 10 – Stand B111)

HAS Group is going to present its new innovative Stenter RAM-X Advanced Series & A patented Steamer


Stenter ‘’RAM-X Advanced Series’’

The main focus of the new RAM-X Advanced Series is cost-of-ownership, environmental protection and easy-to-maintenance.

The heart of a Stenter is its rail-chain system and HAS Group developed a complete new generation of vertical rail system. The current in the market available generation of vertical rail-chain systems are not suitable for heavy and high-fastness fabrics and it is maintenance intensive. The vertical chain and rail system of RAM-X Advanced Series is a complete new design and will be manufactured by HAS Group, without any outsourcing. Due to the heavy duty chain structure, it is absolutely applicable for heavier weight fabrics, as knitted, woven, non-woven, denim and technical textiles sectors.

The main advantages for customers are the saving of space up to 200mm width and it is practically maintenance free.

HAS stenter


HAS Group Goes Green

HAS Group’s well-established heat recovery system with half chamber concept is in operation at many customers, which experience up to 20% energy saving. The

new system is developed by HAS Group jointly together with our partner and supplier for innovative filter systems manufacturer KMA from Germany, who is the technology and market leader in its field having experience in many sectors, e. g. heavy duty industries die casting. The result of the R&D cooperation is a combined heat-recovery and filter system: ultravent ectrostatic filter provides to separate oil from exhaust gas via electrostatic precipitator. This filter system is made for the highly efficient filtration process of waste air emissions such as mist or smoke (consisting of oil) or dusty aerosols. Even sticky and oily substances such as lubricants, grease, polluted air, oily smoke or mixtures of humid and dry particles can be separated from the waste air.

Through an automatic self-cleaning system of the filter, a work-intensive cleaning and maintenance is not necessary, especially the fact huge equipment like crane and tanks are needed for cleaning is an real benefit for customers.

The final result of our customers is a smoke-free (green) production, saving energy and a benchmark in shortness of return-on-invest time in the market. Depending on the plant of our customers, not only hot air is reused, but also hot water and oil can be re-used in their factories. Thanks to the R&D cooperation between HAS Group and KMA, our customers are able to save also space due to the mountability of the filter system on top of our Stenter.

Additional innovations such as new fiber automatic filter system, new fan group design, mobility for operators through an iPad app for PLC panel and integrated cable conduits and pneumatic hoses are benefits for customers in term of ergonomics and easy-to-maintenance.


Innovation Comes From Great Experience

New patented pending Steamer “STM”

New innovative steaming machine is produced for after screen and digital types of printing fixed and steaming process, works highly efficient with variable steam distribution and internal circulation system and has become an indispensable part of the printing system. Applied advanced technology, not only provides the printing color more vivid and bright but also reveals a continuous and repeatability of the production. Manufacturing perfection is achieved with the main body, which is made of heat and corrosion resistance high quality stainless steel AISI 304 rather than on the market usually available Steamers made by AISI 430, special from sticks, continuous working of chain system and air blowing. Due to effective insulation with rock wool thickness at least 60 mm, prevent heat losses and condensate discharge in the collecting box on the floor.

The industrial type of PLC, used on the machine has a feature for working at heavy industrial conditions; it is equipped for preventing the vibration, humidity, dust, magnetism and loudness. Start, stop time, working speed, fixing time, steam quantity, ambient temperature and fan speed can be read and controlled on the screen easily.

Has Group patented storage chain system has advantages for digital printing fabrics, especially to reduce (half) the number of rods in the machine. The

configuration of storage, which chain is driven with A.C motor gear, will be done via PLC system fully automatic.


The main reasons for choosing HAS Group’s new technology

  1. Less steam and energy consumption
  2. Higher dye yield and brightness
  3. Easy running and maintenance
  4. Continuous fabric transport through the machine without rubbing
  5. Machine installation, start-up and technical support after installation is achieved by our experienced service and application engineers


“Something New Something Exciting”

HAS Group virtual reality

HAS Group is developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art technology for other applications on fabrics, such as raising, shearing, brushing, sanforizing/compacting, relax drying and customized lines for denim and carpet finishing. Please dive-in together with us into the 3D virtual reality, demonstrating all available machines and lines. Don’t forget to come and visit us at H10 B111 to experience our innovative and creative technology…