Several new and attractive samples of elastic laces for women’s underwear are now available to manufacturers of sophisticated articles for intimate apparel.
These high-quality laces, with a sophisticated pattern as an essential element, are produced on COMEZ electronic crochet knitting machines and enrich our collection of fine elastics.
The mechanical and electronic crochet machines in our production range, up to 16 bars, properly support the gauge 24 and provide the opportunity to create an unrivalled variety of ultra-fine and complex laces.

The main characteristics are:
– yarns with a very small cross-section can be processed thanks to the use of a thin needle;
– with up to 16 weft bars fitted on the machines complex effects can be obtained, and the very small distance between the needles makes the patterns more definite;
– fabrics with high stitch density, good structural stability and compactness can be obtained;
– crochet laces in gauge 24 feature a good stretch and are far more lightweight than those in lower gauges: this allows for greater softness of the lace which better fits the finished garment.

The gauge 24 copes with the modern need for rapid change of design and styles of the underwear market, geared towards functional and comfortable products able to enhance the “femininity” look.

This is a sign of the continuous commitment of COMEZ to provide new and advanced solutions in crochet and knitting technology, and to help customers to find new market niches in the underwear market.

The sample card with gauge 24 fabrics is now available. See following link :   website